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Birthdays are milestones that commemorate another year of growth, memories, and adventures. Celebrating these special moments requires a venue that matches the significance of the day. Manesar, with its serene landscapes and proximity to the city, has emerged as a popular choice for many events. But when it comes to birthday parties, there's one place that truly stands out - the Club Awara Holiday Resort.

Why Club Awara Holiday Resort?

Manesar is home to various venues, but none quite like Club Awara Holiday Resort. When thinking about a birthday party, the primary concern is finding a venue that is not just a place but an experience. Club Awara delivers precisely that. Here’s why:

Exclusivity: Unlike typical venues that have a commercial feel to them, Club Awara offers an exclusive experience. You aren't just booking a hall; you're securing a slice of paradise for your special day.

Scenic Beauty: Nestled in the lap of nature, the resort provides a picturesque backdrop for your birthday photos. The serene lakes and lush greenery make it a treat for the eyes and the soul.

Versatility: Whether you're planning a grand party or an intimate gathering, the resort has the flexibility to accommodate your needs. They have both indoor and outdoor settings that can be adapted to the theme of your choice.

Overnight Birthday Party Package:

A birthday party need not be a day event. Why not make it an overnight celebration? The Overnight Birthday Party Package at Club Awara promises an unforgettable experience.

Stay: Luxurious accommodations that ensure everyone has a comfortable stay. The rooms are designed keeping modern aesthetics in mind, ensuring a mix of luxury and comfort.

Midnight Celebration: As the clock strikes twelve, celebrate amidst the starry sky with your loved ones.

Gourmet Meals: The package includes a delightful spread of dinner and breakfast. With a variety of cuisines available, there's something to please every palate.

Night Activities: The fun doesn't end with the cake cutting. Post the formalities, immerse yourself in activities like bonfires, night swims, or even a movie under the stars.

Package Cost INR 385,00/- Per Night

Over Night Birthday Party Package Includes -:

  • 6 Rooms Night Stay upto 12 Guests
  • Welcome drinks on arrivals
  • Evening Tea with snacks
  • 2 Veg and 2 Nonveg Snacks for 2 hrs Unlimited for 120 minuts
  • Evening Tea with snacks
  • 2 Veg and 2 Nonveg Snacks for 2 hrs Unlimited for 120 minuts
  • Birth Day Special Cake
  • Birth Day Special Cake
  • Light Music
  • Light Music
  • In Winters Bonefire/In Summers RainDance
  • Buffet Dinner
  • Over Night stay
  • Next day Breakfast

Daytime Birthday Day Package:

If overnight stays aren’t on your agenda, the Daytime Birthday Package is tailor-made for you.

Welcome Drinks: As guests arrive, they're greeted with refreshing drinks that set the tone for the day.

Buffet Spread: A grand buffet that caters to diverse tastes ensures that the culinary aspect of your birthday party is well taken care of.

Party Setup: The resort staff assists in setting up the venue, be it a poolside party, a themed indoor event, or a garden celebration.

Activities: The daytime package also includes access to various resort amenities. Whether it's a quick dip in the pool, a game of volleyball, or a relaxing session at the spa, guests have a multitude of options.

Birthday Day Outing Package Includes of

Cost INR 25,000/- Per Day

Birthday Day Outing Package Includes of

For 15 Pax

  • Welcome Drinks on arrival.
  • Buffet Breakfast
  • Buffet Lunch (Veg. / Non veg.
  • Evening Tea with Veg. Pakoda

Birthday Fun and Activities at Farm:

Club Awara isn’t just a party venue. With its expansive farm area, it introduces an element of rustic charm to your celebration.

Farm Tour:

Offer your guests a guided tour of the farm. It's not every day that city dwellers get to experience the joys of farming.

Organic Treats: Indulge in fresh produce straight from the farm. From refreshing salads to delicious fruit platters, it’s a gastronomic delight.

Nature Walks: Let nature be a part of your celebration. Organized nature walks allow guests to soak in the beauty of the surroundings, making for a tranquil birthday experience.

when planning a birthday party in Manesar, it's essential to select a venue that offers more than just space. Club Awara Holiday Resort, with its plethora of packages, stands out as an unmatched choice. Whether it's the scenic beauty, the diverse packages, or the unique farm experience, there’s no venue quite like it for a birthday party that will be cherished for years to come.

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