Movie, Serial & Songs Shooting in Gurgaon

Beautiful green hills, grey clouds with a golden ray of the sun cutting right through them and the freshness of nature is what you would expect in a romantic song sequence in a film or serial.

Club Awara is located in a location that offers you all of the above and lots more to plan a shoot for a serial, film or song sequence. The resort itself provides multiple locations that you can use to complete your shoot without any hassle.

You can use the beautiful cottages with the rustic interiors, the swinging scaffolds, the golf course, sprawling lawns, the poolside, the offset walkways etc. are ideal for you to shoot multiple sequences for your project. In addition to that you can set up various sets including wedding sets, restaurant sets and many more based on the requirement of your script.

You can avail all this at affordable prices making this the ideal shooting spot even for projects with a smaller budget. The staff will also help you with requirements like refreshments and food for your crew while you are shooting at our venue. You can also have customized packages that can make your shooting schedule go smoothly.

The best part about choosing Club Awara is that it is located in the quiet town of Manesar. The cozy resort with 10 cottages allows you to book the entire space for as many days as you need, if required. That way, you do not have to worry about any interference from visitors and other guests when you are shooting. It is also convenient for your crew and cast to rest at the venue that they are shooting in. It makes it easier for you to plan costume and make up changes as well.

The rooms are well equipped will all the modern facilities that you may need. In addition, to all of the above, the convenient location of Club Awara, just 2 kms from NH8 makes it feasible for you to transport any large equipment that you may have to use in your shoot.

So go ahead and book the resort for your upcoming project and enjoy the great results that follow.

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